We can help identify and access the right debt to support capital needs, allowing businesses to raise or retain financing on the most advantageous terms.

Our team advises businesses on all aspects of their debt and capital needs, helping borrowers and shareholders alike achieve their financing objectives, including:

  • raising finance to support a growth or acquisition strategy
  • refinancing existing debt facilities or accessing new debt products
  • realising value through a recapitalisation or staple financing;
  • raising capital in situations involving financial stress.

We work with privately-owned borrowers across the credit and size spectrum as well as private equity firms to support exit and realisation strategies. We get involved in the early stages of the finance-raising process to develop a comprehensive set of financing solutions that consider the full range of debt products and funding sources. After assessing each option, we assist management with the execution of the solution best aligned to stakeholder objectives.

Debt Advisory

  • Capital Structure Planning
  • Acquisition and Growth funding
  • Funding Options and alternatives
  • Debt raising and Refinancing
  • Restructuring and Negotiation


  • Lender negotiations
  • Recapitalisations
  • Capital raising
  • Exchange offers
  • Distressed M&A and special situations
  • In-court and out-of-court transactions
  • Creditor representation